Our Safety Philosophy:

  1. All employees share a common responsibility to prevent injury and occupational illness
  2. Safety and health is an integral component of every employee's job performance
  3. Safety must always be the #1 priority
  4. Consistent training and employee education is essential to preventing personal injuries, accidents, and protecting the environment.

Policy Statement:

This policy applies to all Rival Well Services operations regardless of where the work is carried out:
Rival Well Services considers effective safety, health and environmental management to be an extremely high priority to its business and is committed to continuous enforcement and improvement in performance within these areas.
The primary goal of Rival Well Services is a healthy, injury and incident-free workplace for all employees.

Rival Well Services pledges to:

  1. Comply with all legislative requirements that pertain to safety, health and the environment as its baseline standard
  2. Pursue and communicate to employees Rival Well Services expectations of high standards of safety, health and environmental management
  3. Ensure that all business decisions evaluate safety, health and environmental implications
  4. Partner with our customers to ensure that safety, health and environmental standards are held to the highest standards achievable
  5. Maintain, review and report on safety, health and environmental performance indicators including:
    • Accident and incident performance rates
    • Attainment of annual safety, health and environmental objectives
    • Results of safety, health and environmental inspections and audits
    • Compliance with legislative requirements
    • Risk assessments and evaluations
  6. Perform an annual review of Rival Well Services HS&E policy and revise, if necessary
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Our Customers

  • Nations Petroleum
  • ERG Resources
  • Santa Maria Pacific Energy
  • State of California
  • Southern California Gas Company

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